What are the best types of wood for fencing?

Wood fencing is one practice that has been in existence for centuries; some would say it was the first type of fencing. Wood fencing can serve multiple purposes depending on the shape of the fence, the wood used, and the fences’ height.

One advantage of owning or using a wooden fence is they are easily designable and cost-friendly.

This article centers on revealing the different types of wood fencing available and giving a short guide on choosing the perfect wood.

Wood Fencing Types

Many decades ago, wood fencing was quite popular as it was a significant way of protecting oneself and protection from the outside. Today, the wood fencing practice continues to exist but is mainly as decoration or general beautification rather than security.

Cedar Wood Fencing

One of the essential deals with using Cedar for your wood fencing; it naturally possesses insect-repelling substances that protect your fence from termite bites. Cedar wood fencing is there if you are looking for wood fencing with good looks and a pleasant scent.


Cypress is a trendy alternative for people keen on using Cedar wood fencing and offers great looks alongside a nice aroma. However, the slight issue remains in its pricing as it is quite similar to that of the Cedar. Which some people on review sites like ReviewsBird.com find exhausting.

When it comes to maintaining this type of wood fencing, Cedar does not require much effort for proper care. The wood can last a long period with very little maintenance done on it. The downside to Cedar wood fencing would be the pricing attached to it. It is quite an expensive style of fencing compared to others.


Some would say the Redwood style of wood fencing has almost similar traits as the Cedar style. Redwood possesses insect-repelling substances that will give it a prolonged life span and keep its look smart and brilliant during different seasons. The downside to the Redwood is in its pricing. Its pricing ranges similar to that of the Cedar. If you are in quest of where and how to buy Cedar, it is best to patronize an online store with excellent customer feedback for certainty in your purchase.


This type of wood fencing is prevalent in homes or barns. Pine has a relatively low-cost price attached to its name while it offers good quality strength and longevity. Some would say, Pine wood is straightforward to work with due to its tenderness and its ability to resist shrinkage. Generally, pine is one of the most used types of wood fencing.

How to choose wood fencing

Although all the woods used might have similar features, some work best for different purposes or other locations.


Using a reputable supplier tells a lot about how strong your fence will be. You could get the supposed best type of wood, but the wood might be in the worst condition there is.


It is best to consider climate and how it will affect your wooden constructed fence. Some wooden designs can withstand the varying weather; others can’t. So, get advice from a professional on which to choose.


While it is quite easy to opt for the cheaper wood fencing available, you must note that you will spend more maintaining and caring for the wood. It is best to select wood that is a little expensive but possesses natural preservatives.

Some persons can refer to wood fencing as one of the best forms of fencing due to the smart look and cheap installation requirement. If you ever want to fence your property and are on a budget, consider using wood fencing (with the proper wood).