This type of roof has several building materials that make it different. In order to better know what the roof of the house, here is the presentation of the information for you.

The roof is a very important part of a home structure. Why is it important? Of course, because the roof can function all parts of the house so it is protected from the sun’s heat and rainwater. If you need the good expert in installing or repairing the roof, you can contact the Oshkosh roofing.

There are roofs made of clay, some are formed of steel. Everything you can find out in the reviews below.

Type of Clay Roof

Clay roofing is the best known and widely used. Most houses use this type of roof.

Asphalt roof

An asphalt roof can make the air inside the house cool because this roof can absorb the sun’s heat.

But the installation is fairly difficult so it requires special expertise and also this type of roof is still difficult to find on the market.

Zinc Roof

This one roof has advantages when compared to other roofs that do not require a lot of the roof frame and also easy installation.

The drawback is that it can cause quite a noise when it rains

The thatched roof

The thatched roof can still be found in rural homes. This roof is made of leaves arranged so that it gives a natural impression.

Therefore, the cost of this type of roof is cheap but does not last long because it is easy to leak.

Roof Shingles

Shingles are wooden roofs of a certain size and arranged. This type of roof can make the house cool because it can absorb the sun’s heat well.

Wood which is commonly used is ironwood which is relatively durable. But this type of roof is still difficult to find so the price is expensive.

Concrete Roof

The concrete roof is divided into two, namely concrete roof and reinforced concrete roof (cast).

For this type of concrete roof usually found on minimalist or modern roofs.

While reinforced concrete roofs are used on houses that will be leveled or that have a lounge on the roof of the house.