The Main Importance of Interior Lights in Interior Design

Interior lighting is arguably one of the most important aspects of any living space.

Just like the size of a room the lighting in any living space has the ability to influence the mood of someone when they walk in.

Good lighting creates an array of dimensions with depths, height and specific details can be easily pointed out.

Making good use of the correct type of light and correct placement and setup is undeniably a difficult task.

Interior lighting is important as it works hand in hand with other elements of interior designs such as furniture selection, room layout and colour schemes to bring out the best result.

A properly throughout interior lighting design maximizes the impact of any space.

The illusion any space has is fundamentally the responsibility of the interior lighting, since what we see is the reflection of light from surfaces..

Meaning if interior lighting is not looked at keenly, certain aspects of the space in question will not be effectively represented.

Purchasing the best lighting fixtures for your spaces might not be a walk on the park.

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ANyway, let’s dive deeper into the importance of interior lights.

Importance of lighting in interior design.

If you never thought of it, lighting is actually a very important aspect of interior design.

In fact, it is an essential element in any interior design since it gives any space some ambience and personality.

Good lighting changes and transforms a space.

We use light and shade to make a room feel comfortable but also make it a little bit dramatic and atmospheric.

Let us say we want to highlight an artwork on a wall, we need some good downlight to hit the artwork and make it more visible.

However, the contrast of the lit painting and its dark background brings your eyes closer to the painting.

The impact of daylight in interior design.

Daylight is a significant factor that all types of designers factor in in their work.

Interior designers and lighting designers specifically frequently keep track of how the light enters each space they work on.

This hugely influences where different articles and items are located.

A living space with comprehensive glazing daylight powering in will make it feel bright and open.

So then, we need to think of how to handle artificial light and determine the different options we can place on certain elements of the interior design throughout the day.

Purpose of decorative lighting in interior design.

Decorative lighting such as a conspicuous pendant, interesting wall lights does more than adding attractive objects to a room.

Our eyes are drawn to enormous and gratifying pendant tables over a normal one but the work of a couple of downlights will do the trick.

Ornamental lighting is important but a good lighting designer will incorporate it with architectural lighting for the best results.

You can simply turn on the decorative lighting to watch TV, or read a book under a pretty lamp.

Some other times you will need a fuller combination of lights.

Importance of the quality of light needed in an interior design project.

LED lights are what we commonly use today, but the standard of every single light has an extensive consequence on the space.

We always think about the quality of colour temperature and colour consistency.

For us, a high-standard fitting with a CRI (colour rendering index) above 90 will offer the most natural light.

CRI is the value that indicates how well the light replicates the true colour of the object you’re highlighting.

Reds, deep blues and deep greens look much truer when highlighted with a high CRI light.


It is fair to conclude that interior lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of interior design.

Calling in light experts to inspect your living spaces before installing light fixtures or windows might sound like a good idea after all.

Interior lighting has the ability to draw our attention to specific objects or certain details in our living spaces.

Even better, it can affect the emotions and mood on people when they walk into a room.

So next time you are designing your living area or renovating any space, make sure you take a closer look at the interior lighting design.