Small Living Room Ideas

Having a small living doesn’t have to be as big of a burden as most make it out to be, if anything, it gives you an excuse to declutter and get creative. It’s difficult at time to work around the space you’ve been given so if you’re struggling here’s a look at how you can make the most of the space!

Avoid Media Units

If it’s not too late, one of the best ways to save space in your living room is to invest in a wall mounted TV and remove the need for a media unit. You can then use the space for other home essentials. You could even fix a small shelf below the tv and use the space beneath for a footstool and other useful home accessories.


You might not have the space, but you can offer the illusion of space. Large wall mirrors are perfect for small spaces and if you find the right design, you’ll find it’s to be more of a decoration than a mirror with purpose!


While you might not have the room to add in a gigantic corner sofa, you don’t have to buy a compact budget sofa. Invest is a beautiful designer sofa that you instantly love, the sofa will need to be compact but find something extravigate that will catch the eye of any guest entering your home. This is something that always helps to hide the fact that the room is a little on the small side.

Coffee Table

Like your sofa, a luxury coffee table is another essential for the room. Something sleek and stylish to show the intentional behind all your choices in the room. You can pick something more traditional, but modern edgy designs tend to work better in smaller spaces as they can come in all shapes and sizes to suit your room perfectly.

Make the Most of the Awkward Spaces

We tend to find that most small homes with small living rooms have those awkward architectural nooks that you can struggle to fill. It’s time to get creative and make use of the space, add shelves to make it an attractive part of the room and put some memories up on display.

Wall Space

Don’t shy away from filling up the walls, there are plenty of ways you can use the space for either storage of decoration, or both! Shelves, frames, or even hanging baskets are currently a trending idea for small bespoke living spaces.