Noise in the Air Conditioner

Sometimes there is a phenomenon that can be characterized as a gurgling sound in an AC robot. Don’t panic and fix it immediately. First, you need to clearly understand the voice features. The appearance of noise in the robot’s air conditioner may look like a gurgling, when in fact it is a totally different sound. Competently determine the sound – this is already half the exact cause of its emergence. If you need the best air conditioner repair service, you can call Kenosha HVAC.

If you are still really sweating in the air conditioner, you should immediately take steps to save the device. There are several reasons that can provoke sound like that. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the cause and improve the situation. Some reasons can be eliminated by themselves. And there is also only a qualified specialist who can overcome that.

Noise arising in drainage

When the air conditioner is noisy, it always causes discomfort. As a rule, every foreign voice gives a signal about failure. The most commonly feared voice is associated with the rattling of crackling. For the sound of gurgling. There are two of the most common reasons for this noise.

  • The buzzing sound is made in the drainage.
  • The second reason is Freon.

Let’s take a closer look at the noise in the air conditioner connected to the drainage system.

The most frequent reason for such action is the work of strong winds that blow air into the pipe and affect the movement of water. In principle, with a properly installed drainage system, such a situation is not possible. But, if the installation is made with the wrong angle or the hose is twisted, we get the noise in the air conditioner.

The next version of this situation, when the air conditioner boils, even if it is turned off, is a case of flowing into the sewage system. The gurgling process, in this case, was triggered by incorrect waste.

His distinctive feature is the fact that such a phenomenon is practically not observed in winter.

The noise that arises in the AC freon loop

Consider the second reason for the occurrence of such phenomena, such as the gurgling in AC, related to the action of Freon. In this case, air conditioning is not caused by strong winds. The reason is different.

As is known, in the case of the inclusion of modes that involve heating the room, freon is condensed in the indoor unit regardless of the circumstances. Moving along the highway from outdoor modules in the form of gas. Enter the heat exchanger from the internal module, the condensation process takes place. In a liquid state, returning to the outside element occurs. That’s when the sound of gurgling can occur. But, once again, a clear system would not allow this. Such a phenomenon can occur only if the copper tube is damaged.

Sometimes, in exceptional cases, such a sound will get an air conditioner, if not a vacuum is carried out during the installation.

The state of disability does not guarantee the absence of such noise. If there is severe frost on the road, the freon in the system can condense directly to the external unit. There is a voice described.

If the heating mode is turned on in winter, the melting process of the external module provokes gurgling.

The main cause of the sound of gurgling

We will analyze all the reasons why the AC overflowed.

  1. Blowing air into the drainage in the presence of strong winds will provoke the appearance of unpleasant turmoil. In principle, this is not a problem. Condensate does not have time to join. The off-state functions as a condensate accumulation factor. It’s not hard to fix everything. Find the desired drainage pipe angle.
  2. AC has happened. It was mostly Freon that was diluted with air, which caused unpleasant gurgling. This process is typical for winter when strong gusts of wind occur.
  3. Sometimes a gurgling sound sounds similar to a murmur. This is no longer a joke. So, the entire insect colony has settled in the system, which must be removed from there.

Not every rumble variant means damage all at once. There are some cases when there are enough precautions to eliminate the noise.

How to fix the problem

There are only two options.

  1. We act independently. There is a malfunction where everything can be fixed by hand. As explained above, you can simply bend the drainage at the desired angle and use the air conditioner safely. You can use a special siphon, which will eliminate condensate accumulation.
  2. We call it professional experts. In all other cases, a specialist with knowledge, skills, and most importantly with special tools must act.

If we place the details into the category of people who ignore, this will only worsen the negative situation and lead to greater financial costs for improvement. Don’t forget about the regular prevention of your air conditioner.